4 Top Trends at CES 2018

22 January 2018

For tech-professionals, CES in Las Vegas is the largest and most relevant trade-show of the year. Like every year it reveals what trends we'll be seeing in the year ahead. We partnered up with Autoliv during the hectic week, and now we’re taking a moment to digest, and share it with you.

The enormous tech-fest CES in Las Vegas is not just a fun way to kick off the new year - it’s actually more important than ever before to participate.

It is clear that the next 12 months will be the year of significant change when it comes to new business models. Progressing collaboration between large enterprise and innovative startups in the tech-world is evolving ultra-fast. For us at Imagimob, it’s clear as day as we throughout the whole week worked alongside Autoliv, the worldwide leader in automotive safety. Together we showcased the learning intelligent AI-enabled steering wheel which was used to demonstrate how machines and humans are learning from each other.

Enough about us; this is what we did, and saw, last week.

1. Beyond regular cars

CES has since a number of years been a place for new technology in cars, and this year’s show was no different. To our delight we discovered that a number of connected products for cars (like LIV from Autoliv) will be using AI on the edge technology.

We are moving from thinking about cars as steel and rubber to mobile environments, powered by software. Windshields with heads-up displays (HUDs), self-driving technology, LiDAR and intelligent steering wheels. With all big car brands present, and with various startups powering the business model shift, the car industry is about to be massively re-invented during 2018 and beyond. Most of the connected car solutions are a few years away from actually being available to the consumer, but it’s evident that the trend toward smart, self-driving cars will not disappear anytime soon.

2. Smart home devices

There were tons of smart home devices at CES this year, from home monitoring systems to new wireless charging solutions but voice control was the real star of the show. No doubt, there is a widespread adoption of smart home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant and platforms like Samsung’s SmartThings. Of course we saw one or two robots, but the more practical examples, like entertainment overshadowed the smart home arena. That being said, smart home tech has reached the tipping point of mainstream adoption.

3. Smartphones in the backline

There were a few new smartphone announcements at CES, but only in the mid-to-low budget range. CES is probably not the trade-show for mobile gadgets. We think that the smartphone industry is on hold to make their major flagship reveals at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. We will be there, like every year – swing by and have a coffee with us!

4. IoT marries Artificial Intelligence

A fourth trend is naturally AI adding value to IoT. The two technologies are converging in ways that are predicting continuous major improvements in the way we will interact with the world around us every day. Our lives continue to be colonized by software making hardware smart.

Back to us; we’d like to thank Autoliv for inviting us to exhibit with them. Our AI demo was installed in a brand-new Volvo XC90 and it inspired investors, the media and most importantly - some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.  

Finally, whatever product solution we will see in 2018, you can bet it'll claim to be AI-powered. Good for us. Good for our customers. Good for everyone. AI is the new electricity.