AI software will be in everything (Gartner report)

25 July 2017

AI (artificial intelligence) can surely be hailed as one of the biggest technological advancements in recent times. We’ve said it before and we say it again, not just because Imagimob is in the AI software business, but because it’s a fact declared by almost every tech-analyst in the world.

There is proof that software, in our case AI-software, and not hardware, is guiding the development of the tech-market. This claim is supported by the latest report recently released by analyst firm Gartner. Over the next few years artificial intelligence will be all over the software industry the report says.

Now, along with the emergence of AI, there is also a transformation going on in the IoT world. It’s still machine-to-machine in a way, we just call it by another name. The reasons the IoT arena is changing is because of cheaper processors and way cheaper sensors than before. In many cases network connectivity is also getting better and cheaper. These three factors create a platform from where we can monitor and connect pretty much anything by drawing and analysing data from multiple sources.

Imagimob’s technology is however not dependant on an active Internet connection. SensorBeat works by analysing data from the information on the device itself.

Anyway - how can we get real value from IoT as a standalone technology? That is a tactical question: how do we put it to work? The answer is that we must analyse the flood of performance data. And we do that with AI.

AI's ability to learn by analysing immense amounts of data has enabled machines to work alongside, and in some cases replace, human beings. The wonderful marriage between AI software and data applications in machines is what’s driving the development of smart wearables, industrial applications, the healthcare sector, cities, banks, media, transportation and even public institutions. They all benefit from data collection and analytics as in artificial intelligence.

"If something has artificial intelligence in it that means it has software in it that allows the computer program to do something on its own without a human pressing a button the entire time" says the expert April Glaser, a Recode reporter in an interview for CNBC. She has many more valuable insights on the topic.

So, artificial intelligence is the hottest (or coolest, depending on what language you use) trend in tech today. And once again, we don’t claim that because we’re in the AI business, but because it’s true.

Download the Gartner report, it blew our minds and will surely sweep you off your feet too.