Can we avoid the anticipated job AI apocalypse?

Anders Hardebring
3 July 2017

We’ve all been affected by the Industrial- and the Computer Revolution which since over 20 years have made some jobs obsolete. Mostly blue-collar assembly-line workers have been in the line of fire, but also a few professional jobs like marketing executives, which have been replaced with people with a different set of skills, like growth hackers or digital analysts.  

Now we have entered the time of the AI Revolution. Artificial Intelligence has rapidly become poised to potentially cause a wide-scale annihilation of jobs -  again mostly lower-paying jobs which historically provided a doorway to a career for young people to be able to work their way up the ladder.

Thankfully and contrary to what many people fear, AI will however not be able to replace certain jobs entirely (yet). This is work that need human skills that AI tools aren’t good at. For example is Artificial intelligence poorly suited for creative jobs like the work of a trial lawyer or a graphic designer.

 While the rise of automation and robots won't be immediate and is yet not complete, the future outlook may not be so rosy after all. It is wise to (to some extent) prepare for a possible rude awakening, only a couple of years from now. It’s not unlikely that the traditional jobs will be overtaken by robots and artificial intelligence and could lead to a collapsing job market for us humans.

Some scholars and industry executives thankfully predict that the development won’t be all doom and gloom for the generations to come. AI is still only tools, not a competing form of intelligence, and it doesn't mean that an army of robotic workers will eliminate the need for humans entirely. But they will reshape what work means.

One way or the other changes are certainly coming, and our human challenge is to figure out how to avoid becoming out-of-date.

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Anders Hardebring, CEO & founder