Adding motion intelligence to pet trackers

22 January 2017

Pet owners love their pets and many of them are willing to try new methods of keeping their pets safe, healthy and happy. This is why Pet Trackers are becoming very popular.

A Pet Tracker is a wearable device for pets that is using GPS (or some other technology) for location services and that allows the owner to pinpoint the pets location in real time. It is possible to see a history of locations reported by the device and to see every place the pet went while the owner were away.  Some of these Pet trackers even give an alert when the pet leaves a pre-determined area (geo-fence).

Most products include a collar and a mobile app. The collar are often very lightweight, stylish and available in different colours. The mobile app works as the user interface for the pet owner.

By adding the SensorBeat software to the pet tracker, the pet owner will know not only the geo-position of the pet, but also what the pet is doing. So, the pet owner could know that the pet currently is at home, and that it is eating.

SensorBeat can detect a range of different pet activities:

  • Sleeping
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Playing
  • Eating
  • Collar off

The Pet tracker (with SensorBeat software) will detect these activities in real-time, and send them to a smartphone or the cloud for graphical presentation and visualisation.

This will give the pet owner a lot of valuable information about the pet, such as activity levels, sleeping habits, eating habits, if the pet is ill and a lot of other information. If the data shows that something is wrong with the pet, an alarm can be sent. Collar off could mean that the pet is in trouble of some sort.

SensorBeat uses very little power and is hardware independent so it runs on basically aný hardware.

By adding SensorBeat motion intelligence software to a pet tracker, the pet owner will get a lot of new and important information about his pet, that makes the pet more safe, happy and healthy.