Making power tools connected and intelligent

30 January 2017

Power tools include trimmers, chainsaws and many other tools that are used by professionals and consumers for work in gardens, parks and forests. Currently most power tools are not connected to the internet, which means that suppliers know very little of what is going on with their tools once they have hit the market.

This has lead suppliers of outdoor power tools to start taking a look at making their products connected and more intelligent.

By adding a hardware device that includes communication and intelligent software to a power tool, the tool becomes connected and intelligent.

And because the device is intelligent it will only detect data that is important, such as dangerous events, how the tool is used and if there is a need for service or predictive maintenance.

Benefits for users:

  • Improved safety: The device could detect dangerous movements or situations in real-time and immediately turn off the power.
  • Improved usability: A mobile app could inform the user that he needs to replace a spare part or order a service for the tool. It could also display how the tool has been used, for instance the number of hours in operation or the amount of vibrations during a working day.

Benefits for suppliers:

  • Improved and accurate insights about actual usage
  • Important insights about customer needs
  • Connection and communication with the user during usage of the tool
  • Improved product with new important features

Over time, connected and intelligent power tools will pave the way for new service-based business models.