Curated blog from Northstream - The convergence of AI and IoT, are we there yet?

31 October 2017

Strategic IoT advisor Northstream encourages IoT connectivity providers and enterprises to start look into the gains of edge AI powered solutions in this explanatory article. This is a short summary:

Firstly the article gives an easy-to-understand and basic understanding of how Edge AI differs from Cloud AI. Based on findings from a recent IDC-report Northstream also states that device based Edge AI will have a significant impact on the industry in the near future and lists three important advantages of Edge AI over Cloud AI:

1. Low latency for local decision making

2. Reduced reliance on internet connectivity

3. Protection of data privacy

These benefits comes from the fact that raw data can be processed locally and only a small amount of the aggregated data need to be sent to the cloud.

Imagimob’s AI on the Edge is mentioned in the article as a technology which is specifically tuned to perform optimally for a niche set of scenarios such as fall detection in wearables and predictive maintenance for robotics, which are two industry cases that can benefit from Edge AI.

We encourage you to read the whole article (and tell us your thoughts).