Imagimob AI 2.4 - about the release

13 December 2020

We have just released the most powerful release of Imagimob AI yet.

The focus of this release has been on improving the workflow when working with really complex data. We have already seen positive results from this work, as our internal project team who works in customer projects has achieved great results with the new release. They use Imagimob AI 2.4 in the project where Imagimob is developing gesture-controlled in-ear headphones together with Acconeer.

As seen above we have added beautiful visualization of high frequency data. Moreover it is now possible to plot the results of the data preprocessing pipeline as you build it in Imagimob Studio.

And remember, building advanced preprocessing is still as easy as stacking lego bricks…

Another big improvement is an improved AI training experience. Comparing models is faster, and you can now follow the training progress on a timeline - allowing you to easier figure out how to improve parameters for following runs. Last, but not least, training jobs are shared between team members for improved collaboration.

Moving fast into the future
As an Imagimob AI-subscriber you get access to this new release right away - and before you know it even more improvements will be in your hand. That’s the beauty of a software subscription and extremely short release-cycles - we’ve been averaging between 4-6 weeks - far better than the industry in general. So, follow us into the future of advanced machine learning on the very Edge. It’s arriving fast!

And remember that you can find all the technical documentation here.

Alexander Samuelsson, CTO