IoT Nestor About Digital Transformation

10 July 2017

Magnus Melander is at the fore-front of the IoT community in Sweden and the Nordics. In a recent article he speaks about the development of digitalization and the digital transformation as two separate concepts. 

Magnus: Digitalisation is frequently used as the name of the game today. But digitalisation, i.e. conversation from analog to digital representation of information, started some 60 years ago and has been going on ever since. When a process is fully digitalised, from end to end, the process will be much more efficient than before. But most processes today are only partially digitalised which is like building a bridge and leve some meters here and there. Let’s take the example of a smart electricity meter, where the collection of usage data is digitalised and hopefully the receiving systems at the energy company. But then the processed details often are put on paper and sent to the customer who hopefully pays in a digital fashion or god forbid calls customer service. 

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About Magnus Melander:

Magnus Melander is a Swedish entrepreneur and ICT professional with 30 years of international experience. Magnus is the founder and CEO of Wbird, a consulting firm focusing on M2M aka Internet of Things, digital marketing, mobility and M&A. Magnus is the founder of the M2M consulting company B3 Connect Compute (B3CC) and Brandbuilders of Sweden, he serves at the boards of Wbird, Clue, April Systems, Possio and Calazo and he started and manages Swedish M2M Service Enablers to educate the market and promote Swedish M2M companies abroad. Magnus was Partner at BrainHeart Capital, a VC devoted to wireless technologies, which he co-founded 2000 and he is currently adviser to the Wi-Fi company Instabridge, La Yin and the US M&A boutique mSolve Partners.