MWC 2018 - The convergence of new industries

13 February 2018

The convergence of new industries in a familiar trade show setting

– a glimpse at what may lie ahead at the Mobile World Congress, 2018

The IoT and mobile wireless industry is buzzing and the chatter is likely to get even noisier as we are approaching the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. With less than a month away we’re putting the final touches to our LinkedIn business cards and while getting ready, we prepared a brief outlook on what we expect to see. Enjoy!

The connected, automated car on display

This year, while moving our way through the crowds, we will see more of how the connected car has pushed its way into the mobile industry’s biggest trade show and declared itself as a significant topic! For us at Imagimob, that’s a welcome entry among the usual technology and mobile phone innovators.

The MWC, traditionally aimed towards the Telcos, may look like a somewhat unusual backdrop for the automotive industry, but in recent years it has become an important forum for car manufacturers and OEM’s to reveal and display their trailblazing new technology solutions – specifically, of course, for autonomous cars.

Attending MWC 2018 is a smart move for car companies, given that in 2017, more cars were connected to the internet than any other kind of device. In addition, the suppliers of new tech such as connectivity, IoT devices and AI-solutions are wise to be on top of their game as a big portion of the new growth for mobility companies will (likely) come from connected vehicles in the next decades.

The 5G countdown

The emergence of 5G continues to be a major theme at MWC – by some regarded as the most important factor to fuel the IoT-revolution. i.e., to connect autonomous cars, drones, and billions of interconnected devices for homes, business and smart cities. The latest Ericsson Mobility Report, for example, predicts that there will be a billion 5G consumer subscriptions by 2023, but the so far more quiet connectivity revolution in the heavy industry could be even more impactful.

We have also heard rumors that new ranges of chipsets that support 5G and minimal power consumption in current operator networks will be launched during the week.

Convergence, convergence, convergence

As a preparation for the trade show we also read the latest report on AI and automotive from McKinsey. Among other things it states that the convergence of autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility will, in fact, fuel growth, disrupt business models and level the playing field for Telcos and other traditional tech-companies. The merger of this entire ecosystem – mobile operators, automotive OEMs and suppliers, platform providers could, if we may take a guess, also indicate an effort to collaborate on a much larger scale. Let’s see what MWC reveals.

Artificial Intelligence

Being a sought-after supplier and developer of AI on the Edge, we have particularly invested time to study the potential of AI technology the coming year. 

The current boom in all things AI will not subside anytime soon, but continue to grow, and we are confident that Mobile World Congress will continue to be the arena where AI make bigger and bigger headlines. AI will be a key theme in the conference and on the exhibition floor.

And finally

Come and see us in the Swedish booth, Hall 7 Stand 7E41. We are sponsoring the epic cocktail, Sweden@MWC Cocktail 2018 on Monday 3 PM in the Swedish booth, and the VIP event on Monday 6 PM in downtown Barcelona.

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