We are hiring - Working in Imagimob - interview with Hongmei Wu

7 December 2019

Meet our software tester Hongmei Wu.

So tell me, how come you initially applied for the position as a Software Tester at Imagimob? 
Well, to begin, my husband got a job here in Sweden so we decided to move here. Then I came across the job opening for the position as a Software Tester at Imagimob. Since my profile matched the description and I was very interested in working with Edge AI – I applied! After a successful recruitment process and a couple of meetings with some of the people from the team, I was offered the position.

How come you wanted to work with Edge AI?
I mean... it’s the future! I am convinced that AI will be a part of every aspect of our daily life. It will enable people to be more efficient, which in turn will release more time and allow people to have more fun. When it comes to specifically the Edge AI that we are developing here at Imagimob, it will improve engineering work such as maintenance and prediction and is applicable to a wide range of applications. It’s very exciting.

Describe an ordinary day at Imagimob!
There are no ordinary days at Imagimob, but I understand what you mean. We all work in agile teams where we start the day with a standup meeting with our project teams. After that we work in cross-functional teams based on what we have discussed in the standup meeting. The days can be very varied depending on which project I am working on at the moment. Right now I am working as a tester on two projects, one is still confidential but in the other project we are developing a machine learning based gesture identification engine using a low powered radar chip. 

What would you say are your most inspiring work tasks or areas of responsibility?
I would say the most inspiring work tasks are related to software and customer project testing to make sure of keeping high quality. Such as designing test cases, performing testing, finding bugs, analyzing problems and good ideas to improve the functionalities of software and system, risk evaluation and data model training.

What would you say is the best part of working here?
Except for the actual work with Edge AI, which I find very interesting, I would say my colleagues who are very kind and easy to work with. Since Imagimob has a flat organizational structure, I feel that it is always easy to discuss different issues and improve things together.

Another perk is to be a part of an international team with people from all across the globe. Right now we have people from China, Australia, England, Serbia and Sweden.

How would you describe Imagimob’s company culture?
I would say that we work by the Swedish philosophy “frihet under ansvar”, which could be explained as having flexibility and freedom in our work schedules under the condition that we take responsibility for our work. This way of working also enables you to have a better work-life balance and I would say that most people are more efficient when they get to take full responsibility of their workload.

I also feel that the culture enables an open mind-set with which it is always easy to communicate freely with different teams!

What kind of advice would you give to a person who is interested in applying for one of your current vacancies?
If you are interested in AI, this is a great company to join. We are currently expanding fast doing a lot of exciting projects with interesting companies. Everyday I learn new things and our daily work is full of challenge and innovation!

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