Why on Earth would robots want to annihilate human kind?

19 July 2017

Many people are afraid of what AI might bring right now. We tend to mix the sci-fi dystopian movies with a rapidly approaching robotic future. But is that really true?

Systems like IBM’s Watson and Google’s Alpha has artificial neural networks with super computing power. They can ccomplish amazing stunts! But if these machines make mistakes like not defeating a Go master, it doesn’t really effect humans or the world in a big way.

The HAL 9000 computer on the other hand, dreamed up by science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke and brought to life by movie director Stanley Kubrick in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” is an example of an AI/Robotic system that fails because of unintended consequences. In space of all places. That could be fatal, of course.

Read an interesting article on this very subject written by Arend Hintze, AI researcher and a contributor to The Next Web online news web site.