Will consumers trust Intelligent cars?

11 January 2018

When will consumers start trusting the intelligent car? A panel discussion between noted leaders in the car industry and academia discusssed this at CES in Las Vegas this week.

During a panel discussion at International CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Ola Boström, VP Research at Autoliv, Bryan Reimer, research scientist at MIT labs and Erik Ekudden, CTO at Ericsson talked about the future and technology security for self driving cars. The session was moderated by Tomas Jönsson, VP Corporate Communications at Autoliv.

Ola Boström said that Autolivs overall vision is to reduce the number of people who dies in traffic accidents. Currently 1,4 million people dies every year, and the number is increasing every year. Autoliv wants this number to start going down.

According to all three, trust, as in “Am I safe?” is the key factor for the development of the market and future of intelligent cars. Ola Boström stressed that personalization, in terms of mutual understanding and learning between the car and the driver is supporting trust. One example of this is driver control said Boström. When a car is in self-driving mode, what events should trigger the driver to take over control, and how shall the driver know when to take control?

Erik Ekudden said that 5G, the cloud and IoT are the imperative drivers for what he called “collaboration between cars” which is coming down the road. Bryan Reimer, looking into the future, said that the next shift in car automation is tech going from assisting the driver to a fully mutual driver-car collaboration. He also said that, technology is not the problem, but that social factors and regulatory issues will have a impact on the timetable for the full implementation of Level 5 of self-driving cars.

In summary, a very interesting seminar about the exciting future for the automotive industry.