Hands-on AI
Are you interested in getting an AI hands-on experience?

The purpose of "Hands-on AI" is to offer a Hands-on introduction to AI and to use some of the Imagimob AI products. If you are interested in knowing more, please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you for a further discussion.  

The first step is a preparation meeting that includes:

  • Discussion with Imagimob AI experts about possible applications, what data to measure etc.
  • Describe ”Hands-on AI” more in detail

Description of Hands-on AI:

  • Initial meeting with Imagimob AI experts to go through data capture process and how to use Imagimob data capture products (2 hours)
  • Customer makes data capture using SensorBeat Capture
  • Imagimob to do an initial data analysis using SensorBeat Analyser (4 hours)
  • Imagimob and customer sits down together looking and analysing at the results in SensorBeat Analyser (3 hours)

Price: 10 000 kr


Are you interested?