How AI on the Edge revolutionizes the automotive industry

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the automotive industry is on the verge of re-inventing itself. So you better buckle up - we’re in for a ride!

For years, researchers and engineers have endeavored to make vehicles intelligent enough to predict what’s happening outside its own control, without much progress. It has simply been impossible since the necessary tech just wasn’t on hand.

Today though, technology has improved to the point where car makers are transitioning into high-tech players in the software business. The rapid overhaul of the way vehicles are composed is enabled by a variety of embedded connectivity applications plus smart sensors, tracking your safety and comfort. And while the car companies attempt to develop connected automotive tech, cloud-based platforms are built to support it.

“But, what happens when there is low or even no Internet connection at all?”, you might wonder. This challenge has led to the invention of small, real-time services at the edge that work on-demand and only for specific functions. This AI on the edge technology allows the car manufacturers to leapfrog across the connectivity obstacles, opening up for infinite possibilities.

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