Imagimob joins NVIDIA Inception Program

10 September 2019

September 11, 2019 — Today, Imagimob has announced that it has joined the NVIDIA Inception program as a community member. The Inception program is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Imagimob combines in-house innovations with inspiration from the entire machine learning field to help customers develop new intelligent products. Their set of software tools, called Imagimob AI, cover the entire chain of development for edge devices — from data collection to application creation. Each Edge AI application is designed with small MCUs, low CPU usage, and low memory consumption in mind. The result is highly accurate Edge AI software applications with ultra-low power and a tiny memory footprint.

The NVIDIA Inception program will enable Imagimob to train AI models faster, publish results sooner, and speed up customers’ time to market.

“We are excited to join the Inception program, and believe it will help us accelerate our growth,” says Anders Hardebring, CEO and co-founder at Imagimob.

NVIDIA’s Inception program is a virtual accelerator program that helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment. Every Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, from NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) credits and marketing support to hardware technology discounts enabling early-stage startups with fundamental tools to help them grow.