Imagimob moves into Applied AI - Now offering packaged applications

5 February 2019

The incredible versatility, efficiency, and high performance capabilities of Imagimob AI has long enabled us to work within a diversity of customer segments, and offer a practically endless range of tailor-made product applications. While we enjoy this work immensely, it spreads our teams thin and projects take a longer time.

In order to better serve our customers, we have now decided that, in addition to customized AI solutions, we will move towards offering more packaged Edge AI applications. Delivered in the form of a library for embedded devices, the first application will be Product Insight, and more applications will follow shortly.

Our shift to more applied AI solutions is of great benefit to Imagimob customers—enabling faster time to market, better performance, and lower project costs.

Faster time to market
Customized projects are time consuming—with data collection, feature extraction, AI modeling, AI training, and testing. With packaged applications, we can deliver pre-trained and ready-to-go applications in a fraction of the time.

Better performance
The more customers using Imagimob applications, the better they perform. With greater data input, the AI algorithms are able to improve at an accelerated pace—yielding even better accuracy and overall performance over time.

Lower costs
Packaged applications make adding intelligence to products accessible to more customers. Compared to tailor-made solutions, they require less time and resource input and, therefore, customers benefit from a lower project price. 

Our first packaged application is Product Insight. Download the product sheet here.