Imagimob Product Insight

6 February 2019

We are today announcing Imagimob Product Insight - a packaged Edge AI application aimed at product development companies.

While many product development teams are already leveraging data-based customer feedback to inform decisions in some way, most products are not yet connected to the internet—which means that companies know very little of what’s actually going on with their product once it hits the market. Even those with connected products are experiencing limitations, required to hire costly, and inevitably biased, product specialists in order to draw meaningful insights from the data collected.

Imagimob Product Insight integrates with products to autonomously track events and create a continuous feedback loop, providing in depth knowledge about how products are being used. These insights empower companies to improve the user experience, optimize business models, and ensure the competition is left behind.

For more info, download the product sheet for Imagimob Product Insight.