Imagimob launches real time artificial intelligence (AI) system on the edge

20 February 2017

Imagimob launches SensorBeat Edge, a real time AI system on the edge that can support multiple data sources. The real time nature of this new system should be of great interest for many companies. In manufacturing the system can use multiple data sources to more efficiently predict downtime, in healthcare both motion and biometric sensors can be analysed simultaneously.

Using AI on the edge has a number of advantages compared to having AI in the cloud. When the system detects a problem it can immediately act. This means a system using Edge AI can be autonomous. This is especially important for low power devices since it can save battery power, reduce the data traffic and lower costs.

"Many AI systems are slow and require huge data sets to learn, we have designed SensorBeat to fill a gap in the market for ultra fast AI", says Tony Hartley, CRO at Imagimob.

SensorBeat Edge can work in real time with multiple data sources, it learns quickly and requires only small datasets to learn and classify. The software has a tiny footprint and runs on ultra low power processors, mid-range and high-end devices.

SensorBeat Edge is a software product and is independent of hardware and type of communication. Using SensorBeat Edge together with Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) would be an ideal fit, since they share the same qualities that are important for IoT networks, low power and low cost devices.

Imagimob is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Feb 27- March 2 in the Swedish Booth, Hall 7 Stand 7E41.

About Imagimob:
Imagimob has expert competence in sensor technology and artificial intelligence and has invented and developed SensorBeat. SensorBeat is patented technology and a registered trademark in the EU. The company is headquarted in Stockholm, Sweden.

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