SIME - Stockholm

Nov 14-15, 2018 - Stockholm, Epicenter

Anders Hardebring, CEO and Co-Founder at Imagimob will participate on an IoT-panel, "3 to watch, companies riding the IoT wave" during the IoT-summit at Sime in Stockholm.

The speaker list at Sime includes Max Tegmark, professor at MIT and a world famous thought leader on AI + many other inspiring and entertaining speakers from Apple, Salesforce, Telia and other great companies.

About Sime
The world keeps changing. Yesterday’s hype is today’s reality. Sime 2018 is about mastering the new normal, while preparing for what’s next. Not by providing all the answers but by challenging chosen truths and posing the right questions.
The event is held at Epicenter, our own house of innovation in Stockholm, where ideas come alive.
Sime has since 1996 been a destination for leaders interested in digital transformation. As a co-founder and owner of Epicenter, an international network of digital innovation houses, we gather the most interesting minds and hearts in digital of our time.

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