Imagimob receives €90k for research in Edge AI for self-predicting electric drives in project with KTH and ABB

30 May 2018

Imagimob receives €90k for research in Edge AI for self-predicting and inter-communicating electric drives for industrial process optimization. The winning consortium is lead by KTH and includes ABB, Ericsson, Imagimob and Lumen Radio. The funding is administered by Vinnova.

The objective with the project is to develop a Proof of concept of a new way of achieving industrial process reliability, flexibility and optimization through smart electric drives forming an edge cloud. In this cloud, local self-monitoring and health prediction of electric machines and drives is implemented, through improved hardware, artificial intelligence and direct inter-drive communication.

It is expected that the proof of concept will lead to the delivery of:

  • New sensing and digital processing techniques of winding insulation ageing in electrical machines;
  • New predictive maintenance algorithms for electrical machines based on artificial intelligence;
  • New ways to interpret the collaboration of drives as a fleet of components with the same decisional level, instead of a master/follower approach;
  • New infrastructure concepts for the edge and the high level clouds, and the sharing of computational effort related to process optimisation and scheduling.

The funding is administered by Vinnova in the program ”Smartare Elektroniksystem Forsknings- och innovationsprojekt 2018".