Leading the way in Edge AI 

Edge AI enable actionable insights on small devices. 
This allows for improved safety, efficiency and user experience in products and services.

SensorBeat is a system for Edge AI. Edge AI is a concept where intelligence and data processing is done locally on small devices.

SensorBeat has a really small footprint - it runs on ARM Cortex M0 and higher.


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Use cases
The number of exciting use cases that are enabled by our tech is growing by the day. Read more about interesting use cases in automotive, healthcare, industry and many other segments.
Use cases
Solving IOT Challenges
We solve the challenges in IoT with real time Edge AI.
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Motion AI technology
Our Motion AI products are based on state-of-the-art sensor technology and AI software.
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Get ready for the future!
Edge AI can help you enhance your current solutions and develop completely new ones.
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Here you'll find white papers, videos, product sheets and information about events where you can meet us.
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