Semcon and Imagimob in new Edge AI partnership

4 February 2020

Press Release published by Semcon on February 4, 2020

Semcon is embarking upon a new partnership with Imagimob, a company developing software for Edge AI, and expanding its digital offering still further as a result. Edge AI means that even more and smaller products can be both connected and intelligent.

As the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, AI, are contsantly increasing, the algorithms are vey demanding in terms of performance and hence cloud-based. Edge AI means that smaller applications can be installed directly in products, such as handheld machines of various kinds. This allows anomalies to be detected and dealt with in real time, which enhances safety, and at the same time the AI algorithm is constantly learning and becoming smarter.

“This is an exciting partnership. It is paving the way for more AI opportunities and expanding Semcon’s digital offering. We have cutting-edge skills when it comes to cloud solutions, sensor systems and software development, alongside large delivery capacity. The Imagimob AI software tools and its Edge AI expertise provide an excellent complement to this,” says Johan Kristensson, sales manager for connected products at Semcon.

Edge AI means that even more products can be connected in smarter ways by means of solutions that are less demanding in terms of performance and capable of performing specific tasks in real time. For instance, the Imagimob AI solution has been used in a connected safety vest and for gesture control of both consumer products and industrial applications.

“We are looking forward to being able to reach out to more customers thanks to our partnership with Semcon. As we see it, there is an excellent match between our expertise and our leading Edge AI software tools, and Semcon’s experience, client base and delivery capacity,” says Anders Hardebring, CEO and co-founder of Imagimob.

Semcon has extensive expertise from various AI projects, including AI-driven data management solutions, predictive maintenance and autonomous solutions for vehicles of various kinds, as well as a number of research projects.

The partnership between Semcon and Imagimob began in January 2020 when Semcon’s experts underwent training and certification on the Imagimob Edge AI software tools.

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