Clare Mills Date 10/11/23 Head of Marketing

October Release of Imagimob Studio

Clare Mills Date 09/12/23 Head of Marketing

We’ve launched our first joint product integration with Infineon, alon...

Alexander Samuelsson Date 07/14/23 CTO, Head of Product Development

The first professional Edge ML Development Environment is here!

Date 05/16/23

Infineon acquires Tiny Machine Learning leader Imagimob to strengthen ...

Date 02/07/23

Imagimob @ tinyML Summit 2023 in San Francisco

Date 01/31/23

New release of Imagimob tinyML platform supports Syntiant NDP120

Date 01/26/23

Imagimob @ Embedded World 2023 in Nuremburg

Date 01/25/23

Gunshot detection tinyML model now available on Synaptics AI chip DBM1...

Date 01/05/23

Imagimob announces tinyML support for Arduino Nicla Voice and adds fal...

Date 01/03/23

Imagimob to showcase tinyML Fall Detection at CES 2023 in Las Vegas

Date 12/02/22

Imagimob joins the Arduino System Integrator Partnership Program

Date 11/10/22

Imagimob Studio certified and available on Microsoft App Store

Date 10/10/22

Imagimob and Syntiant to Accelerate Development of Production-ready t...

Date 10/03/22

Imagimob and FotaHub, Inc. partner to accelerate mass deployment and u...

Date 08/30/22

Imagimob starts tinyML community on Slack

Date 08/10/22

Imagimob launches free forever plan for its tinyML platform

Date 06/14/22

Imagimob Announces tinyML for Sound Event Detection Applications on Sy...

Date 05/11/22

Imagimob Announces tinyML for Fall Detection and Gesture Recognition ...

Date 03/23/22

Imagimob Selected as Renesas’ “Partner of the Month” to boost tinyML ...

Date 02/25/22

Imagimob AI the first tinyML platform to support deep learning anomaly...

Date 02/13/22

Imagimob to attend tinyML Summit 2022

Date 12/14/21

Imagimob tinyML platform supports quantization of LSTM and other Tenso...

Date 11/04/21

Imagimob announces content pack for Nordic Thingy:91

Date 10/27/21

New release of Imagimob tinyML platform enables developers to build AI...

Date 10/13/21

Imagimob announces content pack for Renesas RA2L1 – Capacitive Touch S...

Date 10/05/21

Imagimob announces content pack for Texas Instruments mmWave Radar sen...

Date 09/16/21

Imagimob raises €1 million to grow its tinyML platform

Date 09/08/21

Imagimob is a Strategic Partner to tinyML Foundation

Date 07/07/21

Download of Imagimob Edge software now available on Imagimob website

Date 06/27/21

Imagimob AI 2.7

Date 05/26/21

Video recording from Imagimob presentation at Arm AI Virtual Tech Talk...

Date 04/07/21

Sigma Connectivity and Imagimob partners in development of tinyML appl...

Date 03/01/21

Acconeer, Imagimob and OSM Group shows gesture-controlled in-ear headp...

Date 01/28/21

Imagimob announces Gesture Content Pack for Acconeer A1

Date 01/11/21

Gesture-controlled in-ear headphones by Acconeer, Imagimob and OSM Gro...

Date 12/03/20

Imagimob and tinyML Foundation to start tinyML Meetup Group in Sweden

Date 11/17/20

Imagimob Gold Sponsor at tinyML Summit 2021

Date 10/19/20

Introducing Imagimob Edge: Making TensorFlow AI Models Edge Device-Rea...

Date 10/13/20

Imagimob Top-3 in Edge Computing World Startup Award

Date 08/13/20

The BellPal Watch is on sale in the US

Date 06/02/20

Acconeer joins forces with Imagimob and Flexworks to develop gesture-c...

Date 02/04/20

Semcon and Imagimob in new Edge AI partnership

Date 11/12/19

Acconeer and Imagimob combine Radar Technology and Edge AI in gesture-...

Date 10/28/19

Imagimob Joins STMicroelectronics Partner Program to Accelerate Custom...

Date 12/16/18

Imagimob Signs Licensing Agreement with Scania

Date 05/30/18

Imagimob completes private placement of EUR 1 million

Date 05/30/18

Imagimob receives €90k for research in Edge AI for self-predicting ele...

Date 05/16/18

Imagimob on 33-listan for the 3rd consecutive year

Date 12/11/17

Imagimob receives €400k in funding for Edge AI research in farming