Are you looking for production ready machine learning models that you can start using right away? Or do you want to develop custom models that give you tailored edge AI solutions? 

Either way, we have a solution for you.

Ready Models

Imagimob Ready Models are designed for companies who don't want to develop machine learning models from scratch. 

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Imagimob Studio is a platform for developing machine learning models for edge devices. 

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Edge AI allows you to use machine learning in your embedded devices

You know what the problem with today's machine learning (ML) is? It's reserved for the Cloud. It uses up too much memory and resources. This means it can't run on embedded hardware, even though that's where a lot of important data is generated.

Imagine what you could do if you could bring machine learning into your embedded devices.
You could do audio classification without any data ever leaving your embedded device.
You could sense that a machine is about to break and turn it off in a few milliseconds. Even when the connection is down.

Imagimob Studio is the Edge AI development platform that allows you to do just that. It makes it easier than ever before to develop ML models for edge devices, from data collection through deployment.
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Imagimob Ready Models

Imagimob Ready Models are production-ready ML models.  They give you the ability to deploy tope of the line ML models onto your device without the cost and effort of collecting,  validating, and labeling your own data, and then training your own models based on that data.

Ready Models are perfect if you are looking for:
- Quick deployment
- No to low development
- ML models trained by an industry leader

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“The visualization of the results is great to understand what performance/accuracy we have got for individual labels.”

Anurkash, Software Engineer

“We deployed the coughing model onto our device with incredible speed”

Alpha customer of Imagimob Ready Models

“Training of AI models is faster than all other tools we have tried.”

User of Imagimob Studio, Software Engineer