Turn time-series data into powerful AI applications for microcontrollers

We use Imagimob AI to put machine learning on small devices




From data to great AI models for your microcontrollers

Detect patterns in any signal, be it audio, radar, motion sensors or machine data with our carefully designed, transparent, workflow.
Start with existing datasets or capture new data straight from your edge-devices. 
Turn that data into great deep learning models with full transparency. 
Validate your models and deploy them on your device within seconds. 

Your already existing AI model can't run on your device?

Don't worry. With Imagimob AI you can convert TensorFlow models into optimal, self-contained C code at the click of a button.
You can then deploy that model anywhere - on a microcontroller, an embedded system, or a computer. Without any dependencies.

Increasing car safety through audio classification


A compelling use-case for Edge AI is the ability to perform real time classification of audio on low-power devices. By enabling processing of audio data on an edge device, latency, power-usage and cos...

Veoneer, Imagimob and Pionate in joint research project regarding deep learning event detection on automotive data logging platform


You can work with existing datasets, or collect new data from your devices

We designed imagimob AI to fit for your Edge product

Imagimob AI is built by a team of engineers, creators and researchers with one goal in mind. Helping you to create the best possible AI applications for small devices. That is why we have built an end-to-end solution, optimizing for edge devices from the data collection, through the model building and verification, to the final deploy.

Go from data to deployed model in 1/10th of the time

We clocked it. Without Imagimob AI it took 10 weeks to collect a dataset and build and deploy an AI model on an edge device. With Imagimob AI it took one week to reach the same level of performance.

Learn the details about Imagimob AI in this video.

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“The visualization of the results is great to understand what performance/accuracy we have got for individual labels.”

Anurkash, Software Engineer

“I really like this, now I have much more information on what is going on with my models”

Timotej, Software Engineer at Inovasense

“Training of AI models is faster than all other tools we have tried.”

User of Imagimob AI, Software Engineer