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Imagimob AI is a software suite for the development of Edge AI applications that enables small devices with intelligence and data processing capabilities, to empower you and your customers with actionable insights—in real-time.

We offer Imagimob AI as Software-tools-as-a-Service.

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A radical approach to Edge AI

When the Internet of Things and Edge AI come together, the possibilities are tremendously exciting. Imagine a product that not only has the capacity to collect data, make informed decisions, learn, and improve—but to do all of these things independently of network connections. The result can bring added safety, convenience and efficiency to the user experience, and even save lives.

However, for many, the reality of incorporating such technology into a single device is too costly and impractical. Even some of the most promising machine learning models, widely applied in the cloud and digital industries, are still using too much computing power and memory to be able to fit the small microprocessors on the market today. And the alternative of engineering customized systems is often far too expensive to bring to fruition.

At Imagimob, we’ve invented a way to create AI applications that can run efficiently on small devices while still delivering the performance and accuracy typically only found in bigger systems. Combining inspiration from the machine learning field with our own innovations, each of our applications is designed with small MCUs, low CPU usage, and low memory consumption in mind.

The Imagimob effect

Imagimob AI software offers high accuracy in real-time, on low-cost hardware with low power consumption. This lends itself to a world of exciting applications, where the AI model is pre-trained with data to create specific instincts for use in all kinds of intelligent products—from fall detection clothing to predictive maintenance tools. The pre-trained application collects data with its sensors, analyzes it for relevant patterns, then sends a signal only when action is needed. 

The new way of doing Edge AI

The process of developing an Edge AI application does not have to be costly and impractical or frustrating. We believe it can and should be a whole lot faster and more fun. Now, imagine a development framework with very little friction: 

Step 1: Data capture
Capture perfectly synchronized data from multiple devices together with metadata, such as video and sound. This will help you in the next steps.

Step 2: Data labeling
Label only a subset of your data, then let your AI models label the rest as they learn and improve. Labeling is much easier thanks to synchronized playback of time-series data and metadata.

Step 3: Verification
Automatically visualize all of your models and their predictions superimposed on top of one another. Now you’ll know not only what they predict, but when and with what level of confidence.

Step 4: Edge optimization and deployment
Happy with the accuracy of your AI application? Just press a button to optimize it for the Edge and get a final application that can be integrated in minutes.

How? The Imagimob AI Software Suite
Our software suite covers the entire development process—from data collection to the deployment of an application in an edge device. To make this possible, we’ve developed two products: Imagimob Capture and Imagimob Studio.

Imagimob Capture
For fast and painless data collection

For years, Imagimob AI Engineers have used this tool to collect data from battery-powered sensors in the field. Now, it’s available to you as a mobile app.

By supporting data collection over WiFi and Bluetooth, Imagimob Capture is the perfect tool for data collection from Edge/IoT devices. Imagimob Capture comprises a mobile app and several capture devices. It’s used to capture and label synchronized sensor data and videos (or other metadata) during the data-capture phase. Highly accurate, Imagimob Capture even works for collecting sensor data from high-speed sensors such as radars or very high-frequency accelerometers. The mobile app enables immediate labeling in the field. Once the data is ready, it’s sent to a dedicated cloud service for further processing. Simply start the app, connect to a sensor device using WiFi or Bluetooth, and press record.

What you can do with it:
• Connect to and record sensor data from any edge device
• Record data over WiFi or Bluetooth
• Record video and sound for visual reference
• Label data live using your phone or a remote control
• Generate time-synchronized data, videos, and labels
• Upload capture sessions to the Cloud

• Faster and more accurate data collection
• Significantly less development time
• A data stream of videos, sensor data, and labels—perfectly synched down to a millisecond

Imagimob Studio
For faster development and better performance.

Most AI development tools let you visualize a wide range of performance metrics. Very few let you visualize all of your data, all of your predictions, plus the confidence levels of every one of your models—all on a single timeline.

Imagimob Studio speeds up the entire process of building an AI application. Import and organize your data. Label part of your data, then let your AI models label the rest— down to the millisecond level. Build new AI models or import existing ones. Then get direct feedback on their performance in parallel. Imagimob Studio lets you see, hear, and understand how your AI models are performing at every step in time. Quickly identify and correct errors, and visualize the improved results in an instant. Happy with what you see? Package it for your Edge platform with the press of a button.

What you can do with it:
• Build Edge AI applications for time-series/sensor data input
• Access all of your data in one place
• Automatically split and manage different data sets
• Efficiently label all or parts of your data
• Generate new AI models or import models built with other tools (TensorFlow, Caffe, etc.)
• Output optimized C models for Edge AI applications with the press of a button
• Evaluate the performance of all your models in parallel
• Visualize the predictions of all models in real-time on top of the input data
• Visualize the confidence of predictions
• Display all the standard metrics (Confusion matrices, F1 Score, Recall, Prediction, etc.)
• Import/Export AI models to/from other tools

• Faster overall development time
• Significantly less labeling time
• Faster performance verification
• Lower power use
• Reduced bandwidth
• Higher speeds
• Understand how your AI models are performing out in the real world at all times
• More time to direct your efforts where they matter most


Imagimob AI supports the full cycle from data collection to finished Edge AI application

Imagimob AI Advantages

Imagimob AI offers a number of advantages

Actionable insights in real-time

With zero to low latency between sensing, decision, and action, Imagimob AI allows for real time operations, including making critical decisions where milliseconds matter. 

Total autonomy

Imagimob AI makes devices autonomous, meaning they can think for themselves and don’t need to connect to the internet or a central processing hub in order to work properly.

Dynamic intelligence

Imagimob AI learns quickly and easily. This means your application becomes smarter and more sophisticated over time.

Small footprint

Thanks to a tiny memory (RAM) footprint, Imagimob AI applications runs efficiently even on the most low-end hardware. This means that more AI models/applications/functions can be fitted into the same chip.


Ultra Low Power

Imagimob AI operates locally, and only sends data when it matters. This means significantly less power consumption and data transmission costs—crucial for many applications.

Increased privacy

Constantly streaming data to the cloud for storage makes a system vulnerable to privacy violations. By processing data locally on each device, these problems can be avoided entirely.

Packaged applications
Imagimob Packaged Applications are ready-to-use embedded applications, ie trained AI-models for specific purposes.

Imagimob Gesture Detection

Our AI library can detect hand gestures using raw radar data from the Acconeer XM122 IoT Module as input. The data is challenging, and for each user there are large data variations. To account for these variations, the library has been trained on gestures performed by several different people. The radar data picks up detailed information which allows for very fine gestures to be recognized. For this to work in a robust way, high re- quirements have been placed on the accuracy of the AI model.

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Imagimob Fall Detection

Imagimob Fall Detection offers a powerful solution for fall detection that can be embedded into any hardware device. It offers a high level of accuracy with low levels of false alarms, and consumes very little power — attributes which are critical for any wearable device. A device with Imagimob Fall Detection can be integrated with a wide range of different products, including helmets, earphones, hearing aids, clothes, and more.

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