IMAGIMOB Ready Models - Production-ready machine learning models for your Edge Device

What are Ready Models?

IMAGIMOB Ready Models are production ready ML models that you can use without the time, cost and resources needed to create custom models. These are ideal for companies that don't have or want to spend the resources to collect, validate, and label the necessary data, and then train custom machine learning models on that data.

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What kind of ML models can you get?

We are continuously releasing new Ready Models, with various sensors and uses. Most of our Ready Models are based on:
- Audio: for detecting specific sounds
- Capacitive Sensing: for using touch to trigger an event
- Radar: for detecting presence, objects or materials
- IMU: for detecting the motion of humans such as falling or vibrations in a machine

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What are the main benefits?

Ready Models make it easy for you to stay competitive

- Faster time to market
- Minimal development costs
- Made by market leaders
- Depending on your hardware, can be launched right away (deployment-ready for microcontrollers (MCUs) such as PSoC™ 6 and AURIX. Talk to us about how we can help you deploy on other hardware).

Ready Models deliver the best products for end customers

- ML models give added reliability, and with that comes peace of mind
- They allow for extra features in existing devices
- Designed to work with wearables, health and safety devices that are familiar and convenient for an end user to use

Check out some of our Ready Models

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Baby cry

The Baby Cry model is created to be used in smart home or lifestyle products that want to alert adults to the sound of baby or toddler crying in another room. 

- Captures at least 93% of cries
- Robust against the most common background sounds, particularly indoor
- Suitable for babies and children up to three years old


This model is ideal for companies with healthcare products that want to identify snoring. This is an important feature as snoring can sometimes indicate serious health conditions, in children as well as adults. 

- Captures more than 90% of snores
- Robust against the most common background sounds, particularly indoor
- Flexibly designed to be used in wearables or in devices that are placed near the bed


The Coughing model is designed for use in healthcare products such as wearables or smartphone apps. It enables the identification of coughing, which can indicate illness or other respiratory conditions, and can even be used to identify 'sick' versus 'healthy' users based on how often coughing occurs.

- Captures over 85% of coughs
- Robust against the most common background sounds, indoor and outdoor
- Measures the number of coughs per hour to determine 'sick' versus 'healthy' user


This model uses audio event detection to identify emergency vehicle sirens. This can keep pedestrians aware on nearing emergency vehicles in their vicinity. 

- Captures over 95% of siren sounds 
- Robust against common traffic background sounds in different environments
- Able to detect siren sounds from all directions

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