Imagimob AI 2.7

Summer is approaching and with it comes a new release of Imagimob AI.  And in this release we have focused on improving the support for audio applications.

Audio classification is possibly the most exciting area for Edge AI. Imagine being able to classify audio, in real time, on tiny, battery-powered devices. With this version of Imagimob AI you can build such applications as a single developer in a very limited timeframe.

What used to take a large multi-diciplinary team years to build, is now at your fingertips, ready for you to explore. Import your audio data and build tiny machine learning models to classify different sounds, sound environments, detect keywords or anything you can imagine.

The improvements that we made to enable working with high-frequency sound data also applies to any other high-frequency sensor data. You will notice that working with larger sessions is a bit smoother, that training is faster and that the workflow has improved.

We have also improved the data verification to spot errors in the data before annotation and training has started. This will save you alot of time, and improve the accuracy of the AI applications you develop.

As always we are looking forward to see what you will create with this new release. Install it, explore, and let us know what you create.


  • Improved support for audio data and audio models
    • Verifying frequency consistency in project
  • Improved support for radar data and radar models
    • Updated radar gesture project
  • Workflow improvements
    • Enforced consistent data dimensionality in project
    • Improved progress reporting in AI Training Service
    • Improved error and status messages in AI Training Service
  • Performance improvements
    • Faster training (increased sampling performance)
    • Support for training of larger datasets (up to 20GB
  • Misc UI improvements

New features

  • Display/playback/training with audio data (8/16-bit, Wave-format)
  • Visualize label strategy effect on data
  • Build models on the commandline! (Easy integration with any CI pipeline)
  • Display frequency of audio data in session view
  • Display dimensionality of all data types in session view
  • Tooltip dialog

Bug fixes

  • Early stopping when AI Training Service would run out of memory
  • Crash on max zoom level
  • Crash on high zoom level with large labels on timeline
  • Reduced memory consumption of AI Training Service
  • Fix out-of-memory when uploading datasets larger than 2GB
  • Misc bug-fixes
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