Imagimob announces content pack for Renesas RA2L1 – Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit

This gesture content pack will allow Imagimob AI customers to quickly and easily prototype, develop and test a range of gesture- and touch-based machine learning applications based on the Renesas RA2LA1. 

The content pack includes a deep learning AI-model that recognizes handwritten characters using the Renesas capacitive touch sensing unit.


The Renesas RA2L1 group is based on the Arm® Cortex®-M23 core, the most energy-efficient CPU among Arm Cortex-M today. The RA2L1 group also features an enhanced Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit, which means it can be used for gesture recognition, in the first step recognition of handwritten characters.


The Renesas unit is integrated with Imagimob Capture Server which means that it's easy to collect more data. By collecting more data, the current AI-model can be improved, and new AI-models/applications can be created.


The content pack includes:

  • A pre-trained AI-model (in h5-format) that recognizes handwritten characters A-Z.
  • Annotated dataset with metadata (video)
  • Tutorial
  • Pre-processing blocks that are necessary to generate highly efficient edge-models
  • Imagimob Capture server – a software that is used to collect data from the RA2L1 device. .
  • Python-script that allows for live testing on a PC

The content pack is available from today.


Learn more about the RA2L1 here, 

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