Edge AI for techies, updated December 11, 2019

One year ago, we launched the first version of the white paper, "Edge AI for techies" It has been our most popular white paper on our website. When we read through it a couple of weeks ago, we realised that things have changed since December last year. So, we decided to update it to make it up to date. So, please download the updated version of "Edge AI for techies".

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about to enter the traditional industry segments. When this happens we can start to see the real gains with AI, where the industry becomes radically more efficient and the environment much cleaner. But currently, many are struggling to bring the intelligence to all the small devices that together form the industry, in other words, to bring AI to the edge.

In this white paper, written for the tech savvy persons out there, we provide you with an insight into Edge AI. By reading this, you will be better prepared and more fully understand the challenges and opportunities associated with this blockbuster phenomena that is revolutionizing various of industries.

Please fill in the form below to download the white paper. 

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Edge AI for techies, updated December 11, 2019

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