Imagimob AI - the video

Imagimob AI is a software suite for the development of Edge AI applications. Edge AI applications enables small devices with intelligence and data processing capabilities for actionable insights in real-time. We offer Imagimob AI as Software-tools-as-a-service to our customers and partners. Please watch the video to learn more!

If you want to know more about Imagimob AI, please have a look at the recorded webinar "Gesture control using radar and Edge AI" where we make a demo of the complete software suite.

Date 09/10/21

Event Calendar 2021-2022

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Date 06/01/21

tinyML Summit 2021

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Date 01/09/21

CES 2021 - All Digital (US)

Date 10/01/20

Edge Computing World in Santa Clara, CA, USA

Date 05/03/20

Video Recording from webinar "Gesture control usin...

Date 02/24/20

Case study - How to Build an Embedded AI applicati...

Date 10/24/19

Imagimob AI - the video

Date 10/10/19

Edge AI for techies, updated December 11, 2019

Date 01/30/18

Imagimob and Autoliv demo at CES 2018

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