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Imagimob Edge - Making TensorFlow AI Models Edge Device-Ready - at the Click of a Button

Imagimob Edge is a radical new SaaS that accelerates time to market for edge devices by converting h5 formatted AI models into ultra-efficient C-code in a matter of seconds—a process that once took weeks to complete.
Imagimob Edge is an easy-to-use SaaS solution that makes it possible to transform AI models developed in h5 file format in TensorFlow into highly efficient C-code, ready for use in Edge devices. Doing the job in seconds instead of weeks, Imagimob Edge is a huge game-changer for companies looking to innovate with Edge AI.

Imagimob Edge is designed for software developers who want to run TensorFlow deep learning AI models on embedded devices with constrained resources, such as the popular ARM Cortex-M-series MCU's. TensorFlow is the leading open-source machine learning framework on the market, and thousands of companies use it to develop deep learning applications. The standard file format extension for trained AI models in TensorFlow or Keras is h5.

No programming skills required
Traditionally, converting an h5 file to C-code optimized for an edge device takes days or even weeks for a skilled programmer. But, with Imagimob Edge, anyone can do it in a matter of seconds.

Extremely easy to operate, Imagimob Edge users simply open an h5 file, let the service start up, then click a button to generate the C-code automatically. The C-code can be compiled and run on any edge device without external dependencies. The solution is also highly efficient when it comes to processing power and RAM memory usage—meaning, no runtime needed.

Offering a huge step forward for both productivity and accessibility, Imagimob Edge stands to impact the growth of the Edge AI device market at large.

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