Integration of Imagimob Studio and ModusToolbox™ 

We've integrated Imagimob Studio's features, including labeling, model architecture and training capabilities, with Infineon Technologies AG's ModusToolbox™ Software.

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You're in the right place! Start by downloading Imagimob Studio and reading the user guide. Then follow the steps we've listed below to get started building and deploying your machine learning models right away!

Imagimob Studio

Click the link to create an account for Imagimob Studio. You'll be able to download the platform, then use that as your starting point for building your models.

The integration guide

This user guide shows you what you need to get started; where to download ModusToolbox™, what hardware you need, and more.

Create an Imagimob Studio account

Register to use Imagimob Studio. Once you've created your account, you can download the platform, where you will find sample projects already in place to help you get started. Sign up here.

Buy the kit

Buy the Infineon hardware kit to enable your data collection and model deployment. You'll also find code examples to help you get started. Buy the kit here.

Download ModusToolbox™

ModusToolbox™ is a set of tools that enable integration of devices into existing development methodology. Out of the box, ModusToolbox™ comes with an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports application configuration and development. ModusToolbox™ also supports development with IAR, Keil, and Visual Studio toolchains. Download ModusToolbox™ here.

Download ModusToolbox™ ML

The ModusToolbox™ ML solution is a set of tools, libraries, and middleware that helps to build, evaluate, and benchmark pre-trained ML models. ModusToolbox™ ML libraries easily and efficiently run inferencing on an Infineon MCU. These libraries and tools help to rapidly deploy neural network (NN)-based classification-type ML applications.

The solution also provides a configurator to import pre-trained ML models and generate an embedded model implementation (as C code or binary file). This generated model can be used with the Modus Toolbox™ ML library along with the user application code for a target device. The tool also lets you optimize the pre-trained model of choice and evaluate its performance. Download ModusToolbox™ ML here.

Read the guide

This integration guide shows you what you need to get started; where to download ModusToolbox™, what hardware you need, and more. Read the guide here.

Get more out of Imagimob Studio

By combining with Infineon Technologies' ModusToolbox™ Software, Imagimob Studio is able to provide an end-to-end workflow; from real world data collection to labeling, training and optimized deployment for Infineon hardware. Now you can significantly reduce time to market without spending years of time and millions of dollars on a proprietary in-house solution. This integration will get your applications on the market more quickly via:

  • Improved data collection - get your ML projects up and running faster and with more flexibility using data collection from different Infineon boards
  • Starter projects - new Infineon starter projects provide a solid starting point with pre-collected data and pre-trained models
  • Easier deployment of models to Infineon hardware - quickly run and test your models on device in the field

What is ModusToolbox™ Software:

ModusToolbox™ Software is a comprehensive suite of development tools and embedded run-time assets that provide a flexible and efficient development environment. ModusToolbox™ Software provides specific tools and capabilities that support a seamless transition from the initial getting started setup, through the edit-compile-debug cycle of prototyping, and finally the retargeting of the embedded application to final hardware.  Additionally, ModusToolbox™ supports packs for expansion of additional tools, device support, and capabilities. Read more and download here.

What is ModusToolbox™ for Machine Learning:

ModusToolbox™ for Machine Learning encompasses the features, tools, and support within ModusToolbox™ to enable Machine Learning, focusing on development workflows for “Bring-your-own model”, “Train-your-own model”, and “Buy-your-own model”.  ModusToolbox™ ML is an expansion pack available for ModusToolbox™ Software that provides additional tools and assets for model deployment and validation. Read more and download here.

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Sign up for Imagimob Studio, and get going right away using the starter projects we provide. You'll find all the information and documentation you need to take your project from start to finish within the platform.